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We are taught to believe that happiness is out there somewhere, and that we have to move heaven and earth to find it.  It's the biggest lie ever told.  The truth is the only true and lasting happiness comes from inside of you.  It is your birthright.  It is the cornerstone of your soul.  It is what you yearn for.  And you have complete and unrestricted access to it all the time.  Learning how to tap into it will change your life in miraculous ways.​
Nothing will change until you change something.  How we treat ourselves is the biggest indicator of our happiness.  Negative self-talk, not honoring your feelings, putting yourself in a cage are all recipes for disaster.  To make things worse, we act like everyone else is doing it to us.  Unravelling this mess can be scary, but it is doable and always worth it.  It starts with being kind to the most important person in your life, YOU.  It develops into the biggest love affair of your life.  The one with your Self.



We place so many expectations on ourselves and others in relationships.  We all have an idea of how it should go in our heads.  If your idea doesn't mesh with your partner's, there's bound to be problems.  And it's not just about your romantic partner.  When you learn about what you REALLY want in relationships, not a prescripted societal notion, then how you relate to others in your life radically shifts.  Whether you're seeking how to be a better partner, or you're both working hard together, I can help.
Everyone is out there looking for their purpose.  What is my purpose?  How do i find my purpose?  As though it is somehow lost.  The truth is most of us know our purpose.  We just may not be ready to acknowledge it.  We may not feel worthy.  We may not be able to accept that we are called to greatness.  We resist because we are afraid.  If you don't stop resisting, you'll miss the whole thing.  Relax.  Take a breath.  Get yourself ready to kick fear's ass and step into your true purpose.